Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients®



Vital nutrients for energy, stress resilience and HPA Axis support*

Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson for people experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue*

  • Vitamins and minerals essential to energy and adrenal hormone production*
  • Optimal bioavailable forms and ratios for adrenal utilization*
  • Sufficient amounts of each nutrient for effective support during stress and adrenal fatigue*
  • Synergistic combination enhances efficacy of individual nutrients*
  • Promotes stress resilience and proper adrenal function*
  • Unique integrated sustained release caplet to promote gradual absorption and full utilization*
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90 Caplets, 150 Caplets

Suggested Use

1-5 caplets daily, or more as recommended by your health practitioner. For more information see Dr. Wilson’s Program for Adrenal Fatigue.

Stress and Minerals

Stress is a nutrient hog. Every time you experience stress, from too little sleep to too little money, the glands of your stress response system have to produce hormones that depend on specific vitamins and minerals for their creation. Your adrenals alone produce over 50 hormones that help you mentally and physically handle stress.

Adrenal hormones, like cortisol, regulate just about every process in your body from concentration to sex drive to sleep to help keep you in balance, energized and healthy despite the stress. Also, during menopause and andropause, your adrenals become the primary source of estrogen, testosterone and the other sex hormones.

Making adrenal hormones is a complicated process and every step requires exact amounts of certain minerals and vitamins in precise ratios. If even one nutrient is deficient or missing, your adrenal glands cannot manufacture and secrete optimal quantities of hormones. This reduced adrenal hormone production can affect energy, mood, ability to cope, sleep, sugar metabolism, menstrual cycles and many other processes dependent on adrenal hormones.

During times of stress the demand for these hormones can increase dramatically and the nutrient reserves in your adrenal glands may become depleted, contributing to adrenal fatigue. Making sure you adequately replenish these nutrients daily is an essential part of maintaining optimum adrenal function, vitality and stress resilience, especially if you are experiencing a chronically stressful lifestyle or adrenal fatigue.*


Q & A

What is Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
What is the difference between Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients and a regular multivitamin/mineral supplement?
Does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contain natural or synthetic stimulants?
Does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contain any hormones or steroids?
What is the difference between Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients and Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
How does sustained release work in Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
What does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients do?
How quickly will Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients begin to work?
Who can take Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
What is the best way to take Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
How long can I take Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
Can I take too much Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients reliable?

What is Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is a vitamin and mineral complex specially formulated by Dr. Wilson to provide continuous, optimal nutritional support for sound adrenal function during periods of stress and/or adrenal fatigue.* This sustained-release, targeted supplement contains specific forms and ratios of nutrients that enhance energy, support healthy adrenal hormone production, and facilitate other biochemical processes involved in stress – without over-stimulation. It works with Dr. Wilson’sAdrenal RebuilderAdrenal C Formula and Herbal Adrenal Support Formula as part of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet to comprehensively support stress response system health during adrenal fatigue and stress.* [return to top]

What’s the difference between Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients and a regular multivitamin/mineral supplement?
Regular multivitamin/mineral supplements provide a broad range of nutrients, usually in amounts that meet the RDIs (recommended daily intake), to generally support health and supplement diets low in nutrients. Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is designed to help meet the particular nutritional requirements of your adrenal glands during times of stress and stress recovery.* Stress increases your body’s need for specific nutrients necessary for adrenal hormone production. Making adrenal hormones is a complicated process and every step in the metabolic pathways that produce adrenal hormones requires exact amounts of particular nutrients. If even one of these nutrients is deficient or missing, your adrenal glands cannot manufacture and secrete adequate quantities of hormones to keep you optimally balanced and energized.* Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is formulated precisely to provide these specific vitamins and minerals in the bioavailable forms, ratios and quantities suited to optimal adrenal gland function, hormone production, and stress recovery.*
The integrated sustained release design of Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients caplets allows all the nutrients to be supplied gradually over several hours as they move along the digestive system. Slower caplet disintegration helps prevent the water-soluble vitamins from being quickly absorbed and then just as quickly eliminated through the urine, and gives the minerals more opportunity to be fully absorbed. This increases the chance for optimal utilization of all the nutrients by the cells.*
Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is unique in the thoroughness of its design, the quality and proportions of its ingredients, and the ultimate benefits it delivers.* Supplements like this are expensive and time consuming to design and manufacture, but as the formulator, Dr. Wilson believes that Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations should provide all the necessary nutrients even though many people may not know all the facts. [return to top]

Does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contain natural or synthetic stimulants?
No. Dr. Wilson has intentionally avoided using natural and synthetic stimulants in his Nutrients. Stimulants increase a gland’s activity, causing it to overwork. You may feel temporarily better when using a stimulant like caffeine, but it eventually wears your adrenal glands down. Using any kind of stimulant – natural or synthetic – would be counter to Dr. Wilson’s goal of replenishing the stress response system.* Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contains only nutrients and the tiny amounts of excipients necessary for the sustained release and to make the caplet hold together. The energy boost that many people experience when taking this supplement is a natural result of the careful formulation of B vitamins.* [return to top]

Does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contain any hormones or steroids?
No. Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is a vegan supplement that contains only nutrients from plant and mineral sources, not from animals. This specially designed formula supports health by providing the specific nutrients your adrenal glands need to naturally produce adrenal hormones.* [return to top]

What is the difference between Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients and Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contains specific vitamins and minerals in optimal forms and proportions to support adrenal hormone production and health during times of stress and adrenal fatigue.* Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder is a glandular product composed of hormone-free concentrates of the endocrine glands most important to the stress response and designed to provide natural bioavailable building blocks to fortify and support your stress glands.* Both Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder and Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients are designed to work optimally together with Dr. Wilson’s Herbal Adrenal Support Formula and Dr. Wilson’sAdrenal C Formula, the other two products in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet for comprehensive support during adrenal fatigue.* [return to top]

How does the sustained-release work in Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
The sustained-release properties of Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients caplets are integrated throughout the caplet so the nutrients are all released gradually over several hours in the digestive system. Even if you cut the caplet into 20 pieces, each piece would still maintain its sustained release properties. The resulting slow absorption of the nutrients avoids triggering the body’s alarm system that is designed to quickly eliminate excess substances through the urine and other routes. This means that more of these nutrients can get into the cells and be optimally utilized where they are needed.* [return to top]

What does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients do?
Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients delivers a gradual, steady supply of the highest quality vitamins and minerals needed by the body to function optimally and recover faster during stress.* Your adrenal glands respond the same way to every stress, whether it is physical or psychological/emotional, by producing hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, estrogen, DHEAS and testosterone that help sustain your life, energy and health. Adrenal hormones affect energy, mood, concentration, ability to cope, sleep, sugar metabolism, menstrual cycles, immune function, digestion and many other processes dependent on adequate adrenal hormone production.* Their production requires very specific nutrients and if sufficient quantities are not available, the body cannot produce enough of the necessary adrenal hormones and so must either pull them from other organs and glands or slow down other metabolic processes to meet the more immediate need of manufacturing stress hormones. During times of stress, the demand for these hormones increases dramatically and so does the demand for the nutrients to make them. Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients delivers these specific nutrients in optimal bioavailable forms and ratios and in sufficient quantities to fully support healthy adrenal hormone production and help protect your health during stress.* Dr. Wilson created Nutrients to meet the particular needs of people who are under stress or who are experiencing adrenal fatigue. [return to top]

How quickly does Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients begin to work?
Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients begins working right away to supply your adrenal glands with the nutrients they need to function well.* Many people report noticing a difference in their energy levels and overall well-being after just a few days.* [return to top]

Who can take Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
Dr. Wilson created Nutrients especially for people who have stressful lives. It is an excellent nutritional supplement for someone currently under stress or who has experienced prolonged/intense stress in the past, is recovering from illness or trauma, or experiencing adrenal fatigue.* Even someone experiencing enjoyable stress like vigorous exercise, may benefit from the targeted nutritional support provided by Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients.* People experiencing adrenal fatigue usually notice a difference within a few days to one or two weeks.* [return to top]

What is the best way to take Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
Stress increases the amount of vitamins and minerals used up by the adrenal glands and related organs, glands and tissue. Therefore, the optimal amount of Nutrients can depend upon adrenal function and the intensity of stress experienced.* A general guideline is to take 1 caplet 1-3 times a day (1 upon rising, 1 at noon and 1 before bed). The sustained release of nutrients in each caplet lasts for approximately four hours, so spreading the caplets out throughout the day helps ensure a steady, continuous supply of nutrients to the body.* During the more stressful times or when adrenal fatigue is present, taking the larger amount can provide valuable extra support.* During adrenal fatigue, see how Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is used in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet.* Consult a healthcare practitioner knowledgeable in the use of supplements for more personalized directions. [return to top]

How long can I take Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
There is no time limit on Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients. With the stressful lives many lead, people may benefit from taking it daily.* The nutrients inside each carefully formulated caplet are used by the body every day to help maintain overall health as well as help you cope with stress.* [return to top]

Can I take too much Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients?
For the best results, we recommend taking it as suggested or as directed by your health practitioner. Although Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients contains only nutrients, if you consume too much, the B vitamins may make you feel a little “over-amped” or interrupt your sleep. If this happens, the hyper feeling is usually eliminated by decreasing your daily amount. Avoiding taking it after 6 PM usually solves the sleep disruption.* [return to top]

Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients reliable?
Expertly formulated by a physician, Dr. Wilson’s Nutrients is a dietary supplement containing only high quality ingredients and manufactured and tested in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP). [return to top]


H. Weber:
Super Adrenal Stress Formula is amazing!!! Keep up your good work!!!

Kim D. – MI:
Taking Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula has been great! Now I have been taking them for a few months now and I really feel good. I used to sell and take a lot of vitamins but I think these really speak to the problem.

Anne N. – OH:
I am a user of Dr Wilson’s products for about four and half months now. I do feel they are valued supplements, especially the Super Adrenal Stress formula. Thank You.

Judith W.:
I started taking the Super Adrenal Stress Formula two weeks ago. Please rush deliver to me more of this wonderful product and thank you for formulating it in the first place!

Prue W.:
I started only one week ago taking Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula and I am amazed. As such, I’m placing a replacement order immediately for more of these two products as well as the others I didn’t order initially.

Diana L.:
I love Super Adrenal Stress Formula – they don’t make me sleepy anymore and don’t keep me up at night.

Larry’s Family Pharmacies:
Super Adrenal Stress Formula: A brainchild of Dr. James Wilson for adrenal support. Of all the products I carry and recommend, this one and the Adrenal Rebuilder have generated the most excitement among those taking it.


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