Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Forté®



Building blocks for strong adrenal support and stress tolerance*

Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson for people experiencing adrenal fatigue and adrenal exhaustion

  • Concentrates of stress response system glands, including adrenal cortex extract
  • Processed to remove hormones for wholesome stress gland support*
  • Exceptional nutrient bioavailability with unique benefit to stress glands*
  • High quality, free-range porcine source
  • Formulated to replenish and support strong stress gland structure*
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90 Caplets, 150 Caplets

Suggested Use

1-4 caplets daily, or as recommended by your health practitioner. For more information see Dr. Wilson’s Program for Adrenal Fatigue & Stress.

Stress Response

Your ability to cope with stress relies on the strength and function of your hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands (together known as the HPA axis stress response system). These glands respond to each stress you experience by producing and secreting hormones that regulate just about every process in your body to help keep you in balance and healthy.

Your adrenals are your main glands of stress and produce over 50 hormones that help you mentally and physically handle and adapt to stress. If your adrenals get overwhelmed and fatigued by severe or frequent stresses, you will probably feel fatigued and overwhelmed too. Plus pretty much everything else (libido, concentration, digestion, immunity, blood sugar, etc.) will likely experience a low, as well.*

The glands of your HPA axis may be little but they – especially your adrenals – have a big impact on your stress resilience, energy and overall health and vitality. Providing the raw materials to help keep them fit and strong can be an important key to helping you thrive in a stressful world.*


Q & A

What is Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
What does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder do?
What is the difference between Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula?
Does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contain natural or synthetic stimulants?
Does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contain hormones or steroids?
Why is Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder made from porcine (hog) glands?
Who can take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
How quickly will Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder begin to work?
What is the best way to Dr. Wilson’s take Adrenal Rebuilder?
How long do I take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder lose its effectiveness with continued use?
Can I take too much of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder reliable?

What is Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder is a unique dietary supplement created by Dr. James L. Wilson to help people experiencing adrenal fatigue and other issues related to adrenal depletion.* It is composed of porcine adrenal, gonad, hypothalamus and pituitary glands with their hormones removed and dried at a low temperature to preserve all the nutrients and protein complexes. It provides natural protein building blocks that are exceptionally bioavailable and compatible with the primary glands of the stress response system.* These targeted nutrients help replenish and strengthen adrenal structure and function, and support the other primary glands of the stress response system known as the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.* It works with Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal C FormulaSuper Adrenal Stress Formula and Herbal Adrenal Support Formula as part of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet to comprehensively support adrenal health during adrenal fatigue and stress.* [return to top]

What does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder do?
As far back as 1918, commercial products containing glandular substances were available for the specific purpose of helping support a particular gland.* Later scientists were able to show that when a particular gland is consumed, the constituents of that gland seem to be drawn into the same gland within the body.* The glandular extracts in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder come from the adrenals and the other glands that are most important to your ability to withstand stress. Their constituents provide natural building blocks that can be readily incorporated into your same glands to strengthen them and support their healthy function.* Because Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contains a carefully balanced blend of glandular tissue concentrates in the same form in which they occur in nature (but with the hormones removed), it provides already constructed nutrient building blocks that your body can readily absorb and use.* It is much easier and takes less energy for your body to incorporate already formed components than to build everything from scratch.* Strengthening these stress system glands, especially the adrenal glands, is key to promoting good stress recovery and vitality when experiencing adrenal fatigue.* [return to top]

What’s the difference between Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula?
Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder is a glandular product composed of hormone-free concentrates of the endocrine glands most important to the stress response and designed to provide natural bioavailable building blocks to fortify and support your stress glands.* Dr. Wilson’s Super Adrenal Stress Formula contains specific vitamins and minerals in optimal forms and proportions to support adrenal hormone production and health during times of stress and adrenal fatigue.* Both Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula are designed to work optimally together with Dr. Wilson’s Herbal Adrenal Support Formula and Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal C Formula, the other two products in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet for comprehensive support during adrenal fatigue.* [return to top]

Does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contain natural or synthetic stimulants?
No, Dr. Wilson has intentionally avoided using natural and synthetic stimulants in his Adrenal Rebuilder formula. Stimulants increase a gland’s activity, causing it to overwork. You may feel temporarily better when using a stimulant like caffeine, but it eventually wears your adrenal glands down. Using any kind of stimulant – natural or synthetic – would be counter to Dr. Wilson’s goal of building up strength and function.* Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contains only glandular concentrates that have been processed to be hormone-free. [return to top]
Does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contain any hormones or steroids?
The glandular tissues used in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder have been processed to remove the hormones and steroids (a type of adrenal hormone). This specially designed formula provides natural nutritive building blocks that support optimal adrenal structure and function so that your adrenal glands themselves can produce healthy amounts of the adrenal hormones as needed.* [return to top]

Why is Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder made from porcine (pig) glands?
Pig glands are more similar to human glands than those of other animals such as cows, making them optimally bioavailable and compatible for human use. They are a rich source of protein structures and other nutrients that can be readily used to nourish the same glands in humans.* [return to top]

Who can take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Dr. Wilson created Adrenal Rebuilder especially for people who are experiencing stress-related adrenal fatigue or other states of adrenal depletion.* [return to top]

How quickly will Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder begin to work?
Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder begins to work right away but people typically notice a difference within four to six weeks of regularly taking this supplement.* We have had some amazing stories and have noticed that while some people respond within a few weeks, others see results only after sticking with it for two to three months, or sometimes even longer.* Factors that may affect how quickly you respond are lifestyle and overall health.* Response is greatly enhanced when Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder is used as part of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet, along with the other three products: Super Adrenal Stress Formula, Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal C Formula, and Herbal Adrenal Support Formula.* Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder works slowly but deeply to promote healthy adrenal structure and function.* If you are experiencing adrenal fatigue, it is important to take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder long enough for it to do its job thoroughly – a minimum of six months to two years, depending on how depleted your adrenals are.* [return to top]

What is the best way to take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
For optimal results, we suggest taking 1 caplet 3-6 times a day (1 upon rising, 1 at noon and 1 before bed; 1 additional caplet may be taken up to 3 times throughout the day, if desired). During adrenal fatigue, see how Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder is used in Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet or consult a health practitioner knowledgeable in the use of Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue protocol for more personalized directions. [return to top]

How long do I take Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Because Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contains the nutritional part of high quality glands without the hormones, taking it will continue to provide daily support for your stress response system as long as you need that support.* Adopting the lifestyle changes Dr. Wilson recommends and using Adrenal Rebuilder with Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet as suggested, people experiencing adrenal fatigue typically begin to notice benefits within a month to six weeks and find that six to twenty-four months or more of consistent use is optimal.* Depending on overall health, current condition and genetic strength of the adrenal glands, and how stressful life is, individual cases can vary substantially.* It is important to realize that even though it may take time and require some changes in your life, real vitality is possible.* Many people give up before they give themselves a chance to get the full benefit because they have a set back or two or for some other reason. We have seen great results too many times to doubt that it is doable for almost anyone.* [return to top]

Does Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder lose its effectiveness with continued use?
No. We have no evidence or indication that continued use of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder causes any physical process to become inactive or less effective.* In fact, the opposite seems to happen. People who temporarily quit taking Adrenal Rebuilder have noticed that they respond much more quickly when they start taking it again.* [return to top]

Can I take too much of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder?
Because Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder contains nutritive glandular concentrates without hormones, taking more than the recommended amount has no adverse effect on your body that we know of.* For example, although it is not intended to be a pet supplement, we have had several calls from people whose dogs have eaten an entire bottle of 150 caplets without any adverse effects. One woman called to order more because her dog ate the full bottle of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder the day she received it. She called again, shortly after receiving the second bottle, to order a third because her dog had eaten the second entire bottle. She reported that after eating the entire bottle, her dog had no adverse reactions. However, taking more than about 12 caplets per day probably will not increase its effectiveness.* [return to top]

Is the quality of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder reliable?
Expertly formulated by a physician, Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Rebuilder is a dietary supplement containing only high quality ingredients and manufactured and tested in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP). [return to top]


Thank you for selling this product… I do not know where I would be without it!:
Jill – NJ

This product is amazing! I normally have to have chocolate to get through the day, but I even forgot there was such a thing. I am so elated that I have my brain back.:

I just love the Adrenal Rebuilder!:

Taking Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula has been great! I used to sell and take a lot of vitamins but I think these really speak to the problem.:
Kim D. – MI

I’m using the Adrenal Rebuilder and I don’t want to run out because it has been such a miracle for me.:
Barbara M.

Your Adrenal Rebuilder is fantastic. I haven’t felt this good in years!:
Stephanie M. – WI

I am getting really great results with the Adrenal Rebuilder.:
Dr. Beaudet – WI

The Adrenal Rebuilder has saved my husband’s life!:
Dana C. – AZ

I love the Adrenal Rebuilder and have noticed amazing results.:
Barbara B.

Thank you for making such wonderful products! The Adrenal Rebuilder especially has made a difference for me.:
Matthew – AZ

I have been taking the Adrenal Rebuilder for 3 weeks now and I feel great! Because I work in a health store I have also had the chance to try many other adrenal products and nothing has worked for me the way that Dr. Wilson’s products do.:
Elizabeth C.

I started only one week ago taking Adrenal Rebuilder and Super Adrenal Stress Formula and I am amazed.:
Prue W.

My endocrinologist told me that I needed to stop using the Adrenal Rebuilder because it was working too well! Thank you for everything Dr. Wilson!:
Andrea B.

I have found the book and the Adrenal Rebuilder product helpful for my energy issues. Thanks so much!:
Nancy M.

I can definitely feel a difference with the Adrenal Rebuilder. I would not want to be without Adrenal Rebuilder.:
Vivien W.

I was just diagnosed from my doctor as having adrenal fatigue. I have started taking the Adrenal Rebuilder and love it!:

I would go as far to say Adrenal Rebuilder is the best supplement that I have ever taken.:
David F. – CA.

Adrenal Rebuilder saved my life. I am able to tolerate Adrenal Rebuilder; it is very easy to take. Adrenal fatigue is real and no one appreciates Dr. Wilson more than I do.:
Betty R. – VA


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