Stress Overdrive

Stress makes your stress response system, especially your adrenal glands, work hard to produce hormones that help your body cope with and adapt to the stressor. Adrenal hormone production requires a lot of energy and specific nutrients. The more stress, the more energy and nutrients required.

With a chronically stressful lifestyle, your adrenals keep pumping out hormones that are really designed to prepare you for a “fight or flight” physical response to the stressor. They raise your blood sugar, insulin, blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety; and make it difficult to relax, think or sleep. They also suppress immune function, and slow digestion and new cell growth because your body channels its energy and resources into escaping the stressor.

Since you usually can’t physically fight off or run away from typical daily stresses like dealing with kids, work, bills and chores, the internal changes created by your stress response just continue without getting rebalanced by physical exertion. Over time they start to cause blood sugar, cardiovascular, digestive and immune related health problems.

Each of these stress products can be used separately or together daily to provide support for aspects of stress gland health, balanced stress response function and blood sugar, sustained energy and adrenal hormone production, and enhanced stress resilience.*

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